Improving Your Home Landscaping

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Factors Influencing Your Well Drilling Project's Costs

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Drilling residential water wells can provide homeowners with a reliable, clean, and safe water source. However, understanding the factors that affect the cost of drilling is essential when considering this option. Often, more factors can influence this cost than a property owner may have first realized. Geographical Location Affects The Cost Of Residential Water Well Drilling Your property’s geographical location significantly impacts the cost of drilling a residential water well. This is because the soil composition and rock formations in your area can influence the complexity of the drilling process. Read More»

5 Things To Consider When Designing Pathways In Your Yard

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Your yard is more than the landscaping, which is the living plants and other organic materials. It’s also the hardscaping, or inorganic features like pathways, patios, and retaining walls. Pathways, in particular, can add dimension and interest to your yard while also serving a very important purpose. The following can help you design the perfect paths. 1. Layout For a front entryway or a path connecting heavily used areas like the garage, a straight path may be preferred. Read More»

Tips And Tricks For Proper Lawn Fertilization

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Fertilizer can help your lawn stay green and fresh. However, there is a bit more to fertilizing a lawn than simply tossing some fertilizer on it and walking away. If you want to ensure the fertilizer truly nourishes the grass and does not cause any accidental damage, then you should follow the tips below. Water it in. Whether you use a pellet fertilizer, a powder, or a liquid, it is wise to apply the fertilizer and then water the lawn directly afterward. Read More»

Improving The Health Of Your Lawn

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A beautiful lawn is the pride and joy of many homeowners, but achieving that lush green grass takes more than just regular mowing. Proper lawn watering techniques are essential for maintaining a healthy lawn, and two popular methods are sprinklers and drip irrigation systems. Using Sprinklers for Your Lawn Sprinklers are a convenient and effective method for watering lawns. They are easy to install and can cover a large area of grass with a single watering session. Read More»

Edge Your Asphalt Driveway To Protect It And Your Landscaping

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When you add an asphalt driveway or another type of blacktop surface to your landscape, it needs one final thing to complete it. This final touch? The right edging. Why does your asphalt need edging? What kind of edging should you add? And how does it help your landscape too? Here’s what every property owner needs to know.  Why Add Asphalt Edging? Unlike some other hardscape materials, asphalt paving does not have a neat, built-in edge. Read More»

Make February A Productive Month For Your Landscaping

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Most homeowners relax in their landscaping and tree care duties during the cold months of winter. But while you may not yet be ready to plant, mow, or harvest veggies, February can be a great time to handle some important gardening tasks. Here are some to consider. 1. Trim Your Trees Many trees thrive with winter pruning because they’re dormant compared to the growing season. If your trees have lost their leaves and slowed their growth, now is the time to prune away diseased or broken limbs, thin out the canopy, and shape them how you want. Read More»

5 Reasons To Trim Your Trees Long Before Bad Weather

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Pruning your trees is an important way to protect them during stormy seasons. But while trimming trees in advance of bad weather is important, it can be equally important to do so earlier rather than later. Why? Here are five key reasons why there’s no time like the present.  1. There’s Less Competition When a storm is on the horizon or one has just passed, tree trimming services will be inundated with property owners who need their help. Read More»