Improving Your Home Landscaping

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Water, Water Everywhere -- 3 Tips For Improving The Drainage In Your Front Yard

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If you suffer from poor drainage in your front yard, you’re probably tired of dealing with a soggy lawn and unsightly puddles around your hardscaping. But, how can you fix the problem so that your front yard is a joy instead of a chore during the wintry season? Here are 3 tips for any size drainage problem. Improve the Slope. Whether it’s the lawn itself or the hardscaping (like the paver driveways or walkways) that fills with water, managing the slope can vastly improve the situation. Read More»

How To Tell If You Should Have A Dying Tree Removed

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If you have a sick or damaged tree in your yard, you may be wondering if you should have it removed. In some cases, it’s best to have the tree cut down so it doesn’t fall on your house or your neighbor’s property. Other times though, a dying tree can last for several years as long as you have the time and money to invest in caring for it. Here’s how to tell if it’s best to call a tree removal service to take the tree out of your yard. Read More»

Drip Irrigation Systems Can Help Homeowners Who Don't Notice Droughts

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In the country’s farming past, droughts were often felt by the entire population. These days, careful water control has made droughts easier for people in America to handle. In fact, homeowners may not even notice these droughts occurring or how they are impacting their plants and trees. However, ignoring droughts is a new problem. Here is how drip irrigation systems can help with this problem. Why People Ignore Droughts What causes a drought to occur in an area? Read More»

Preparing For The Removal Of A Dead Tree: 3 Things To Do Before The Professionals Arrive

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If you’ve noticed that there’s a dead tree on your property or a tree that is dying and just barely clinging onto life, remove the dead tree before it can become a safety hazard or before any of its diseases can infect nearby trees. Depending on how large and tall the tree is, professional arborists might recommend either digging the tree up from the roots or chopping the tree trunk in sections. Read More»

Landscaping Is Made Up Of Hardscaping And Softscaping

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A lot of people now what landscaping is, but not everyone knows that landscaping breaks down into different categories. The two big categories are softscaping and hardscaping.  Softscaping Softscaping is what people think about when they think landscaping. Softscaping refers to all the grass, bushes, flowers, etc. that gets planted around a yard, park, or other area. When someone is softscaping, they can create a plan that will show where everything will go and what kind of plants will go there. Read More»

3 Great Uses For Paving Stones In Your Landscape Design

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Paving stones are a great material to use in your landscape design because they can create so many different things. This article is going to discuss 3 great uses for paving stones in your landscape design.  Driveway Rather than having a regular driveway that is created from poured concrete, you can make things a bit more fun and unique by using paving stones instead. The paving stones are going to add some diversity to your driveway and can allow you to blend different colors, shapes, and sizes of stones. Read More»

3 Tips For Landscaping

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If you want to be sure that you get the most out of your landscaping, there are numerous tips that you can put to good use. In following these tips, you will also experience an uptick in your property value, while also making your yard and grass more beautiful as a whole. To make sure that your landscaping is best cared for, read below and use these points to upgrade it and maintain it on a regular basis. Read More»

Choosing The Right Landscaping Supplies To Make Your Yard Look Professionally Manicured

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When you love your yard and you want to make it look great, how you landscape your yard matters. While simple grass cutting is a given, you will also want to pay attention to how you mulch around bushes and define edges in your lawn. Whether you choose to use small, cut stone around your bushes, or you go for natural colored mulch instead, the products you choose give your yard a finished look. Read More»

Tips For Hydroseeding Your Lawn Before You Sell Your House

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The day that you list your house for sale is too late for you to address a bare, burned or dying lawn. If you want your lawn to look lush and full when you start showing your house, you’ll want to address it early in the spring before you list the house for sale. Hydroseeding is a great way to cover the whole space quickly to restore your grass. Here are some tips to prepare your yard for hydroseeding before you sell. Read More»