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Make February A Productive Month For Your Landscaping

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Most homeowners relax in their landscaping and tree care duties during the cold months of winter. But while you may not yet be ready to plant, mow, or harvest veggies, February can be a great time to handle some important gardening tasks. Here are some to consider.

1. Trim Your Trees

Many trees thrive with winter pruning because they're dormant compared to the growing season. If your trees have lost their leaves and slowed their growth, now is the time to prune away diseased or broken limbs, thin out the canopy, and shape them how you want. 

February is a sweet spot for pruning because the worst winter weather has often passed — but the trees still have time to recover before they start blooming. 

2. Clean Up Debris

Take this opportunity to do some midwinter yard cleanup. In many areas, harsh weather in December and January has left its mark on the yard. But you still have a break before spring rains set in. 

Spend some time cleaning up your yard. Along with tree cleanup, prune back large bushes. Remove fallen branches, fronds, and leaves. Clear gutters and downspouts before spring rains. And spread out silt which may have accumulated under snow or rain puddles. 

3. Assess Drainage

Winter weather can expose flaws in your landscape. The most common is drainage issues. Observe how rain or snow has caused grading issues, where water pools for a longer time, and where it may flow toward the house. 

Correct these drainage problems before spring rains come and plants start returning to make changes less visible. 

4. Ready Your Tools

Spring and summer landscape care can be fun and productive. Whether you're looking forward to planting flowers, seeing bulbs come up, or eating your produce, get in the right mood by prepping your tools now. 

Check your tools, especially any that have been exposed to harsh winter weather. Make sure they haven't gotten rusty. Clean and service them so they're ready for use. Have some sharpened. Service larger power equipment like mowers and tractors. Or organize your garden shed in anticipation of its big debut. 

5. Make a Plan

Finally, use this time to make a plan for the months with better weather. Research plants, flowers, or new trees. Decide on a timeline for changes you want to make this year. Consider how you might add winter color. Look for yard elements that may not have weathered the winter well. 

Doing this in February gives you a few months to plan and save if necessary. 

Where to Start

Ready to make the best, most productive use of February in your yard? Begin by meeting with a local landscaping service today.