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5 Reasons To Trim Your Trees Long Before Bad Weather

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Pruning your trees is an important way to protect them during stormy seasons. But while trimming trees in advance of bad weather is important, it can be equally important to do so earlier rather than later. Why? Here are five key reasons why there's no time like the present. 

1. There's Less Competition

When a storm is on the horizon or one has just passed, tree trimming services will be inundated with property owners who need their help. If you wait too long to arrange for your service, it may not happen in time — resulting in more damage and more cost. Instead, do the work early and beat the crowd. 

2. You Won't Be Rushed

Every property owner wants quality work at an affordable price. But when you try to hire a service at the last minute or with potential damage looming, you can't spend time finding the right contractor. Take your time and develop a long-term relationship with the right provider rather than rushing into the wrong thing. 

3. Trees Need to Recover

Trimming and pruning, thinning canopies, and removing disease or infestations are all shocking to the tree. Just like a person or pet, it needs time to recover from big changes and get its energy and nutrients back. Giving your trees time to get strong again before bad weather makes them better able to withstand it. 

4. You May Need Time

Although many tree-trimming projects are done in hours or a few days, some take more time than others. A codominant stem, for instance, puts the tree at serious risk of falling in a storm. But you often need to remove that stem over several visits with plenty of time between them. So get started early in order to get done on time. 

5. Weather Is Fickle

Weather forecasting is notoriously hard. That big storm you and your neighbors expect may fizzle out and you've panicked for nothing. On the other hand, early spring snow may weigh down budding trees and break limbs left and right. Waiting until the last moment could be disastrous if the weather changes unexpectedly. 

Where to Start

Clearly, the best time to service your trees is now. No matter what their condition or what the forecaster says, proactive pruning is key to protecting them — and protecting your wallet. Make an appointment to assess your trees with a qualified professional tree trimming service today.  

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