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5 Reasons To Spring Clean Your Landscaping

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The world begins to turn green again in spring, but sometimes your yard needs a little bit of help to shake off the winter blues. Spring cleanup will give the landscaping a facelift so that everything will be sure to return vibrant and beautiful again.  

1. Tree Safety

Trees should be cleaned up and trimmed in early spring. Removing damaged and dead branches ensures they won't be blown down to cause damage in spring storms. Further, overgrown branches must also be trimmed out, particularly those that can become entangled in overhead lines or those that scrape against your house walls and roof. 

2. Lawn Cleanup

Dead leaves, branches, and other detritus that blew in over winter don't just look bad, they're destroying your lawn. Even if everything was raked up in the fall, likely some new debris arrived over the winter months. The debris will shade out lawn grass, leading to death so only weeds survive. Fungus and lawn mold will also thrive due to the debris. Raking it up and hauling it off is a must for healthy grass.

3. Lawn Dethatching

A hidden layer of debris also builds up on the lawn. All the grass clippings that settled on top of the soil will create a mat of thatch as other debris from decomposing leaves and twigs begins to collect on top of the soil. When the thatch layer gets too deep, moisture and oxygen can't circulate into the soil. Spring cleanup should include dethatching to rake up this layer every year or two. 

4. Algae Prevention

Piles of leaf debris on sidewalks, drives, and patios will lead to greenish-black stains from mildew and algae growth. Come spring, the stains may already be present once the leaves are cleaned up. Check to see if your cleanup service offers power washing, as well. This way you can have all the concrete and pavers thoroughly cleaned for the summer season. 

5. Bed Renewal

Garden beds often look the worse for wear at the beginning of spring. Your cleanup service will begin by removing all the dead annual plants and cutting back dead leaves on perennials. They'll then rake the old mulch and remove debris, before laying down a fresh layer of mulch so the beds look nice and clean again. Weeding may also occur, to ensure the beds are ready for spring flower planting. 

Contact a spring property cleanup service for a thorough spring cleaning of your landscaping.