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4 Tips To Get Ready For Summer With A New Swimming Pool Installation

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Soon, summer is going to be here, but do you have a pool to cool off in? When it comes to swimming pool installation, there are choices like inground or above-ground; salt filtration or sand filters, and the pool decking services. Here are some tips that will help with these decisions to make your pool installation easier:

1. Choices of Inground And Above-Ground Pool Installations

When you get ready for your swimming pool installation, there is the option of inground and above-ground pools and each have their benefits. Today, above-ground pools can be just as fancy as inground pools and work great for sloped terrain. The inground pool is a great choice if you want to do Fiberglas pools or tile surfaces. In addition, the inground pools give you many options for modern filtration systems, which include natural filtration designs that are healthy and free of chemicals.

2. Choosing Between Liners, Fiberglass, and Tile Pool Surfaces

When you have a pool installed, you are going to need to choose the type of liner or surfacing that is used. With an above-ground pool, you will only have the choice of a vinyl liner, which is also an affordable option of some in-ground pools. In addition, there are also preformed Fiberglas pools that are a great solution for a new pool installation. If you want to have a completely custom design for your pool, materials like concrete and tile surfaces are the best choice.

3. Different Options for Filtration Systems with New Pool Installations

There are also many different options that you are going to need to consider for a filtration system. The most affordable option is going to be to use a conventional filter cartridge and pump. Sand filtration is another affordable option that is great for removing small particles but is going to need frequent maintenance. Alternatives to chlorine water treatment include salt and natural filtration systems. If you choose to install a salt filter, be careful using materials like metal that will quickly degrade in the salty environment around your pool. Natural filtration is a great choice to add natural plant and animals to the landscaping around your pool and make it seem more like a natural space in your backyard.

4. Choosing the Type of Decking Surfaces to Have Installed Around Your Pool

There are also many choices of decking around your pool. If you have an above-ground pool, consider materials like composite decking, which is durable and slip-resistant. For in-ground pools, concrete is the most affordable solution, and materials like pavers are more attractive. If you want to have a safer surface around your pool, consider materials like rubber pavements that are used around playground equipment.

These are some tips to help with the decisions you need to make when it comes to having a new pool installed. If you want to have a pool for your home before summer arrives, contact a pool installation service to help get started now. To learn more, visit a website like