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Preparing For The Removal Of A Dead Tree: 3 Things To Do Before The Professionals Arrive

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If you've noticed that there's a dead tree on your property or a tree that is dying and just barely clinging onto life, remove the dead tree before it can become a safety hazard or before any of its diseases can infect nearby trees. Depending on how large and tall the tree is, professional arborists might recommend either digging the tree up from the roots or chopping the tree trunk in sections. Regardless of which option is recommended, there are 3 things you can do in preparation for the removal of the dead tree.

Dig Up and Pot Any Perennials Around the Base of the Tree You'd Like to Keep

There might be many beautiful perennials and other plants that are still surviving and thriving at the base of the tree. If you'd like to keep some of these plants in your garden or yard, dig them up and pot them for the time being so that they don't interfere with the removal of the dead tree. The tree removal professionals will likely have to work around the base of the tree, which can easily damage or kill surrounding plants. You can either plant the plants in another location for the time being, or you can store them in containers with potted soil.

Clear Out Grass and Weeds Around the Base of the Tree

In most situations, most professional arborists will charge you based on the amount of work and effort that they put into removing the dead tree. By making their job easier, you'll also be shaving off a considerable amount off of your final bill. Before the professionals arrive, take the time to clear out any grass, weeds, and debris that might be present around the base of the tree. This allows the professionals to get a better view of the environment that they will be working in.

Arrange the Removal of the Stump and Large Logs with the City

Not all arborists will remove the tree after it has been dislodged from the ground. If they do, they might charge you an extra fee. Familiarize yourself with whether the city will provide free removal services. Some waste removal services will happily remove yard trimmings and even large tree trunks if you give them some notice. If the tree is infected with a disease, you should get it off your property as soon as possible to avoid the disease from spreading to other plants and trees.


Be prepared for when the professionals arrive. The more that you prepare, the less effort and time that the professionals will need to spend removing your tree. This will help you get the job done in a jiffy. Contact a company like Arborcare Tree Service for additional information.