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3 Great Uses For Paving Stones In Your Landscape Design

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Paving stones are a great material to use in your landscape design because they can create so many different things. This article is going to discuss 3 great uses for paving stones in your landscape design. 


Rather than having a regular driveway that is created from poured concrete, you can make things a bit more fun and unique by using paving stones instead. The paving stones are going to add some diversity to your driveway and can allow you to blend different colors, shapes, and sizes of stones. You can choose what pattern the stones are placed in, and you can also choose some decorated or painted stones as accent pieces to your driveway. Because the stones are going to be treated before they are ever used to create your driveway, you are going to have the confidence of knowing that they are going to last you for quite some time. On top of this, if the stones are put down properly, they are going to be every bit as secure and durable as a poured concrete driveway would be because they are essentially both made out of rock. 


Another great use for paving stones in your landscape design is for stairs. These could be stairs coming off of your patio, or they may be stairs that allow you to get from one level of your yard to another. Whatever the case may be, these stairs can be created out of paving stones. The stones can be cut down to fit in the square shape of a stair and then secured into place using either a mixture of cement or mortar. Once the stairs have set, they are going to be highly functional and will allow you to use them over and over again without worry of wearing them down or damaging them in anyway. 

Gazebo Flooring 

One fun landscape design element to add to your yard is a gazebo. However, before you can place the gazebo in your yard, it is generally going to need a hard surface that it can sit on. This surface can also be created using paving stones. You can have a circular paving stone area and can also create a walkway leading to the gazebo that is made of paving stones as well. This is going to add beauty of the area and will create a strong foundation for your gazebo to rest on. 

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