Improving Your Home Landscaping

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Feel Confident Scheduling Tree Trimming After Moving Into Your First Home

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After moving into your first home, there could be a lot of different landscaping projects that you want to work on to make sure that your home feels welcoming. If you’re concerned that your trees are in poor condition, it can be a good start to see if tree trimming is needed and how it can make a big difference to the way your home looks. If you’re unsure of how to go about hiring professionals for tree trimming, consider the following tips that will help you hire the right business for getting your trees trimmed. Read More»

Three Steps To Repair A Bumpy Lawn

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A bumpy lawn makes it difficult to mow, and it can also pose a tripping hazard when you are playing or working in the yard. Fortunately, most bumpy lawn issues can be repaired. 1. Determine the Cause There are several possible causes for a bumpy lawn. The most likely is that ruts have formed from mowing in the same pattern every week. Another common cause is drainage issues. Water may be sitting on top of the soil or just beneath the surface, creating low areas and voids that result in bumpiness. Read More»

Reasons To Keep Your Commercial Property Leaf-Free In Autumn

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Autumn leaves are gorgeous on the tree or when fluttering down to the ground, but after a few days, they stop being beautiful and become a nuisance. After a few more days, they may even become a liability, particularly on a commercial property where they can harm clients and staff. The following are the main reasons why fallen leaves must be cleaned up. Pedestrian Safety Safety is of paramount importance at any business, but innocuous-seeming leaves can undermine safety. Read More»

4 Things You Should Know About Installing Sprinklers

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Whether you are planning to do the job yourself or get a pro to handle it, there are a handful of issues that will determine how well a sprinkler installation effort will turn out. You’ll want to take a look at four things to figure out before starting a sprinkler system installation. Coverage Purchase some graph paper. Also, get the measurements for the area where you want the water to go. Read More»

How to Revamp an Old Patio

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There’s no need to tear out and replace an old paver patio. With a little bit of elbow grease, you can revamp that old patio so that the pavers almost look like new again. Here’s how. Clean the Joints Over time the sand in the joints between pavers can weaken or wash away. When this happens, weeds may begin to encroach. Not only does this look bad, eventually these weeds will force the pavers apart so that they crack or become uneven. Read More»

How Can Good Landscaping Help You Sell Your Home?

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When you plan to sell your home, it’s quite an involved process. You’ll want to sell your home as quickly and easily as possible so that you can move on and get settled into your new house. There are things that you can do to make sure that your home is more attractive to potential buyers. Staging the interior of your home is important, but you also want to make sure that the exterior looks good, too. Read More»

Erosion Prevention Landscaping Ideas

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Soil erosion can be a major issue in the home landscape. If your yard isn’t perfectly level, you may have issues with soil being washed away through gullies and miniature landslides. The following are a few ways you can landscape your yard to prevent such erosion. Plant Grass Nearly any type of grass can prevent soil erosion, including the non-native lawn grasses that many people prefer for their yards. For more severe erosion zones, such as on steep slopes, consider native ornamental grasses. Read More»

Sod Problems And How To Avoid Them

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Sod is prized for lawn replacement because it is fast – you have a fully green lawn as soon as the sod is laid, and the lawn is fully usable within a few days to a week. But sod installation doesn’t come without challenges. Know some of the common sod problems so you can avoid them when putting in your new lawn. Poor quality, non-local sod Make sure that the sod you buy is from a local grower. Read More»