Improving Your Home Landscaping

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What To Expect When You Have Asphalt Sealcoating Applied To Your Commercial Property

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Your commercial property may be beautifully landscaped, but if the asphalt driveway and parking area are faded and cracked, your property will look worn out and neglected. Fortunately, you can restore the appearance of the asphalt with sealcoating. Here’s what to expect with commercial sealcoating. You May Need Alternate Parking Arrangements Cars need to stay off of the area while sealcoating is underway and for a day or two after. The asphalt may be ready for use by the next day, but the weather plays a role in how quickly the sealcoat dries. Read More»

Natural Backyard Flea And Tick Control

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Nobody wants to deal with the annoyance–and potential danger–of fleas and ticks. When outdoors or hiking, it’s important to protect yourself by using a bug repellent, tucking pant legs into your socks, avoiding long grass, and doing a thorough tick check when you get back inside. However, it’s difficult to take these steps every time you go in your backyard. Instead, use natural flea and tick control that will keep fleas and ticks from entering your yard in the first place. Read More»

3 Things To Consider About Hardscaping

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When it comes to your home’s outdoor space, hardscaping is just as important as landscaping. Hardscaping refers to any “hard” surfaces that are incorporated into your landscape. Some examples include stone or paved walkways, patios, and other elements. Hardscaping can add both function and beauty to your outdoor area. While you will likely want to add a few hardscaping elements to your home’s landscape, there are a few things that you should consider. Read More»

In A Tight Spot—Trends In Small Vegetable Gardening

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There was a time not so long ago when vegetable gardens were kind of like the ugly stepsister of flower gardens. Flowers were proudly displayed all around the front of the house while the vegetables were relegated to a patch of ground somewhere in the back yard. Nowadays, vegetables are enjoying a much more positive reputation as people become more conscious of healthy living and growing their own vegetables has become a popular trend. Read More»

4 Tips To Get Ready For Summer With A New Swimming Pool Installation

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Soon, summer is going to be here, but do you have a pool to cool off in? When it comes to swimming pool installation, there are choices like inground or above-ground; salt filtration or sand filters, and the pool decking services. Here are some tips that will help with these decisions to make your pool installation easier: 1. Choices of Inground And Above-Ground Pool Installations When you get ready for your swimming pool installation, there is the option of inground and above-ground pools and each have their benefits. Read More»

Things To Know About Soil Aeration

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Lawn care is a topic that can be essential to caring for your landscaping. While homeowners may assume that caring for a lawn will only require them to water and mow it, aerating the ground can also be an important type of maintenance to perform. For homeowners that are not particularly informed about this type of maintenance, it can be worthwhile to learn more. Understand The Problems Aeration Can Help To Correct Read More»

3 Crucial Things To Do For Your Yard This Spring

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When spring rolls around, make sure that you are ready to take care of your yard. Spring is the time of year when your lawn needs a little love and care. Taking care of your yard properly in the spring will help ensure that your yard is ready to look great by the time that summer rolls around. Rake Your Yard One of the first things you need to do is rake your yard. Read More»