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5 Things To Consider When Designing Pathways In Your Yard

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Your yard is more than the landscaping, which is the living plants and other organic materials. It's also the hardscaping, or inorganic features like pathways, patios, and retaining walls. Pathways, in particular, can add dimension and interest to your yard while also serving a very important purpose. The following can help you design the perfect paths.

1. Layout

For a front entryway or a path connecting heavily used areas like the garage, a straight path may be preferred. Straight paths are easier when carrying groceries to the house or pushing a garbage can to the curb. In the garden and recreational areas of the lawn, such as when connecting the house to a separate patio or seating area, curved paths are better as they feel more organic and whimsical. 

2. Material

Your pathways don't have to be plain concrete. You can opt for stamped concrete if you want a design, or stained concrete for color. There are also countless styles, shapes, and colors of bricks and pavers to choose from. Other material options include gravel and stepping stones, either alone or combined. 

3. Solidity

Closely related to material option is solidity preferences. Solid paving like concrete, brick, and pavers is usually preferred for more utilitarian paths like the one leading to the front entry or connecting the garage to the house. Solid options pose less of a tripping hazard and it's easier to push items along the path if need be. Less solid options, such as stepping stones or gravel, work better for lesser-used paths where tripping isn't as much of a concern, such as those winding through the garden beds.

4. Accents

Dressing up your paths makes them a beautiful part of your landscape design instead of just being utilitarian sidewalks. For example, border beds edged in with complementary brick on either side of the path can be quite striking when planted with bright flowers. Another creative accent idea is to build small ornamental bridges over low areas or dry creeks that are part of the landscape. Your imagination is the only limit when looking for attractive accents for pathways in the yard.

5. Lighting

Lighting your pathways makes sense from a safety standpoint, especially on paths like the entry path that are often used after dark. Lighting also adds beauty to the yard after the sun sets, with the illumination providing a tantalizing glimpse of the garden surrounding the path. Lighting comes in a wide variety of styles, so it's possible to find the perfect fit for your pathways.

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