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Tips And Tricks For Proper Lawn Fertilization

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Fertilizer can help your lawn stay green and fresh. However, there is a bit more to fertilizing a lawn than simply tossing some fertilizer on it and walking away. If you want to ensure the fertilizer truly nourishes the grass and does not cause any accidental damage, then you should follow the tips below.

Water it in.

Whether you use a pellet fertilizer, a powder, or a liquid, it is wise to apply the fertilizer and then water the lawn directly afterward. The water will dissolve and dilute the fertilizer, helping to distribute it more evenly over the lawn. Sometimes, people will apply fertilizer before it is supposed to rain. This can work, too, assuming that ample rain really does come. If you decide to go this route, pay attention to how much rain actually falls, and don't hesitate to apply more water if the rain seems sparse.

Apply it in early spring.

The best time of year to fertilize grass is usually in the early spring before the grass really enters its fast growth stage. This way, it will have all of the nutrients it needs during its spring growth spurt and will likely come in thicker and more lush. You don't really have to worry about fertilizing the lawn too early. If you apply the fertilizer and your lawn doesn't start growing for a few more weeks, it will just wait there until the grass needs it.

Use a spreader.

It is really tough to apply fertilizer evenly if you sprinkle it by hand. There are fairly low-cost fertilizer spreaders you can purchase at a home improvement store. It's worth buying one. It will ensure your lawn gets fertilized evenly so you don't get really green patches and really brown patches. 

Don't over-apply.

Check the bag to see how much fertilizer is recommended for your lawn. Then, put that amount down. Resist the urge to apply more than is recommended. It won't make your grass extra tall or strong, but it may change the pH of the soil to the extent that the grass does not grow as well. 

If you follow the tips above, you should be able to fertilize your lawn effectively. Also know that if you need help with this task, most landscaping companies do offer lawn fertilization services. They can come out once to treat your lawn, or you can typically pay for a routine service and have them re-apply as needed.

For more information, contact a local company, like Fore Front Lawn Care.