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A Sand Dumping Service That Will Fill Utility Trenches

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Backfilling pipe trenches or electrical trenches may necessitate the use of sand. Coarse and fine grit sand is added in layers. Watering and tamping processes are used to flatten sand. At the end of the project, dirt and grass seed can be added to the top of the sand layers.

Sand Products And A Consultation

A property owner may need to have excavation services performed during the construction of their home or business. The excavation of land requires the removal of soil. If the soil is heavy and similar to the consistency of clay, drainage may not be sufficient. For this reason, sand may be recommended as the aggregate material that will need to be used for backfilling processes.

Sand products will be classified as coarse or fine. Coarse granules of sand will be slightly rigid and larger in size than fine sand particles. A company that provides dumping services can be contracted to fill property that has been excavated. The person who will be conducting the job may consult with a project engineer or landscaping manager, prior to filling a sand order for the backfilling process. 

Backfilling The Property

The length, width, and depth of a trench will need to be measured. This will indicate how much sand will be needed for backfilling. The supplier of the sand may transport various loads of sand products. To prevent erosion, soil will need to be added in layers and sprayed with water after the addition of each layer. The water that is applied to the sand will aid in keeping the sand compacted.

The supplier will alternate between adding coarse and fine sand products. They will use a tamping machine at the end of the backfilling process. The tamping machine will firmly flatten the sand. Efforts will be made to prevent damage to pipes, electrical wires, and other materials that were installed in the area that was excavated. Landscaping efforts may be made at the completion of the backfilling process.

Any landscaping materials that are used should not be heavy. The omission of heavy landscaping materials will ensure that underground utility materials are not damaged. It is fairly common to add dirt, grass seed, and plants with shallow root systems to the area where sand products have been added. Sand is a product that will filter rainwater. The filtration quality of sand will prevent moisture accumulation within the area that was previously excavated.

For more information on sand dumping services, contact a professional near you.