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How To Keep Landscaping Citrus Trees Alive In Winter

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Citrus trees are an important part of any garden. Most people think of orange or lemon trees when they take to the garden, but there are flowers and colors available for pretty much every garden. Most citrus grows with a little pruning and can remain in the same place for many years. Given that they're easy to maintain and look nice, it's a massive shame when they die unexpectedly. The main causes of death in citrus are winter burn and root rot, both of which are preventable. The advice given here will help you keep your citrus alive over winter so you can enjoy their company the following year.

Water Appropriately

Watering citrus trees is important to keep landscaping looking healthy through the winter and into spring. The key is to water them just enough to keep them from drying out, but not so much that they get root rot or other diseases.

The best way to do this is to dig up a small area around the tree and see how deep you have to dig before there is moisture in the soil. If it's dry halfway down, then give it more water. If it's already moist when you dig down, then don't add any more until the next time you check it again.

Mulch and Compost

Mulch and compost can help keep your citrus trees alive in winter.

Mulch is used as a covering on top of the soil around your plants. Mulch helps to control weeds and keep moisture in the soil. The best type of mulch for a citrus tree is an organic mulch, such as bark or pine needles.

Compost is a natural matter that has been decomposed by bacteria and fungi. It's great for improving the quality of your garden soil and can also be used as a mulch around plants.

Wrap Trees

In the fall, before the first frost, wrap the trunk of your citrus tree with burlap or plastic sheeting. This will help keep moisture in and pests out throughout the winter months. Remove the wrapping when temperatures start to rise above freezing again in the springtime.

Choose Hardy Tree Varieties 

Citrus trees are an attractive addition to any backyard. But you'll want to choose a variety of citrus trees that can handle the climate in your area. Most citrus trees are cold-sensitive and will die if exposed to freezing temperatures for too long.

If you have mild winters, citrus trees can be grown without much effort. The problem is when the temperatures are cooler. Therefore, if you have colder weather during the winter months, it is important to choose hardy varieties that will survive.

Keeping citrus alive over winter is easy with the right trees and the right care. Contact a landscaping citrus tree supplier to help choose the right trees for your yard.