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Own a Commercial Property? Benefits of Mulching the Lawn

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If you own a commercial property, you want everything looking nice for your customers that come to your building. One way to do this is with your landscaping, as this is the first that is noticed when people visit you. One thing you should do with landscaping is mulch the lawn. Below is information on what this is and two benefits this can offer you.

Lawn Mulching

When you think of mulching you likely think of mulching flower beds, in front of your property, around trees, and more. There is also lawn mulching that you should do. Lawn mulching gives your lawn nutrients so it will grow green, thick, and full. You can hire a service to do the lawn mulching for you. This works by using a lawnmower that has mulch blades attached below the deck. These blades cut the grass into tiny pieces as your lawn is mowed. These pieces are not bagged in any way but instead fall back directly onto the lawn. 

Because the grass blades are so tiny, they turn into nutrients that feeds your lawn making the grass much healthier. One thing to consider is if your lawn has a lot of weeds, lawn mulching will not work. Along with spreading small grass blades, it will also spread weeds, which can cause the weeds to spread even more. Because of this, you need to have the weeds taken care of before you use the lawn mulching process. If you hire a company to do this for you, they will know the proper steps to take to rid your lawn of weeds.

2 Benefits of Lawn Mulching

To keep your lawn healthy without lawn mulching you would have to purchase lawn fertilizer and put it on the lawn. Fertilizers can get expensive, and it can take time to spread them properly. Also, if you are not experienced at this, you may use the fertilizer in the wrong way or not purchase the right type of fertilizer, which can damage your lawn resulting in dead areas and grass that will not grow well. 

Your grass needs water just like any living plant to stay healthy. If you have droughts and your lawn is not watered, it will get dead spots and the grass will turn brown and die. If you use lawn mulching it helps retain more moisture to keep your lawn watered for longer periods of time. This is especially true if you use a sprinkler system on your lawn. You could then go a few days without rain and not have to worry about your grass dying. 

A landscaping company like Christal Clean Landscapes can tell you about more benefits lawn mulching offers you.