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Shade Or Sun? Pool Design Considerations To Create A Cool And Refreshing Summer Escape

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Pool design is an important component of your backyard, providing a focal point, relaxation, and summer getaways. However, pool designs can be intimidating. There are tons of options to consider. Even the basic shape or form factor can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your pool and surrounding landscape. Taking into consideration the surrounding environment as well as local regulations for depth, filtration, currents, and more will help ensure the success of your project while creating a unique space that adds value to your home.

Choosing Shapes

First things first: think about shapes. There's something about the classic rectangle that can't be beaten. It's flexible enough to create a pool environment that is both cool and refreshing. By choosing the perfect shape, you can create a sun-drenched oasis during those sweltering summer days. Round, oval, and kidney-shaped pools can also give you the sunny areas and refreshing shade you want for your pool's design.

Site-Specific Considerations

Pool design is all about using the pool as an element in your landscaping project. This is different than simply building a cover for the pool or installing a concrete patio. There are considerations when designing a custom pool, including the water quality, depth, equipment, and shadowing effects of trees, plants, and nearby structures. An experienced pool design service will take all these factors into account when designing your pool.

Water Depth

The water depth is another important feature to consider for your new pool design. The depth can be the same, or there can be different depths in separate areas. If you want a wading pool, shallower depths might be better. If you want features like slides and diving platforms, you will need a deeper area for these additions to the design.

Filtration Systems

When you are building a custom-designed pool, there are a lot of options to consider. First, you might want to consider a conventional chlorine system with upgrades like dispensers, variable speed pumps, and DE filtration medium. In addition to the conventional systems, there are also options like saltwater and natural filtration designs. In addition to these systems, there are also systems that use UV light to treat the water and kill organisms, which you might want to consider adding to your pool design.

A cohesive plan will ensure your project's success in creating the perfect summer retreat for your home. For more help with swimming pool design, contact a local design service.