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3 Tips To Make The Perfect Patio For A Forever Home

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A backyard with only a lawn, bushes, and trees may not encourage your family to go outside regularly. Fortunately, you can build a patio to increase backyard use. Living in a forever home allows you to think solely about your family's wants and needs for the entire installation. By focusing on a few specific design features, you can make the perfect patio for your family.


A patio does not need to be covered. Still, you will enjoy many benefits by adding a cover over your patio. For instance, you can get protection from the sun and elements. Protection features will minimize upkeep and maximize the patio's lifespan so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

Make a sizable overhang for the patio cover to further improve protection for furniture, features, and decorations. With this design choice, you will prevent heavy winds from letting rain, snow, and debris get into the patio area and cause excessive wear and tear to features.

Leave exposed beams along the underside of the patio cover to make it easy to hang or mount lights, plants, or decorations. When hooking up lights, you can run the cables along the beams for organized cable management that does not get in the way while using the patio.


While a simple, covered patio can get your family to go outside, you may want to add several features to create a special space on your forever property. An outdoor kitchen is a useful feature to add when you enjoy cooking homemade meals and love the idea of cooking outside.

Grilling under a covered patio is a safety concern. So, you may want to extend the patio out past the covering enough that you can build a custom grill island.

A gas fire pit is an excellent feature to add as long as the patio area and cover meet specific safety conditions. Professionals can help you create a patio that is safe for fire pit use.


While living in a forever home, you may know that many things can change, such as your family size and how many guests you like having over regularly. So, you will only benefit from building a larger patio than you need because it will give your family room to grow without any issues.

Make the perfect patio for your family when using these design tips and working with professionals to plan and execute everything. To get help with the design process, contact a local patio designer.