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Using Pressure Washing Services To Maintain Your Property

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Surfaces that are exposed to the elements can be prone to accumulating extremely stubborn residues and dirt. Removing these substances can seem almost impossible without extensive amounts of manual labor. Yet, pressure washing services are able to rapidly remove many of these substances with little work on the part of the property owner.

Can Pressure Washing Services Benefit Residential Properties?

It can be common for individuals to see pressure washing services cleaning the exterior of commercial properties and parking lots. This can lead to some thinking that residential properties may not be able to utilize these services. In reality, any property owner will likely find that pressure washing services can be useful. For example, the exterior of a home will accumulate dirt and grime in the same way as commercial structures, and this will degrade the appearance of the home. In addition to pressure washing the exterior of the house itself, these services can also be used to clean patios, walkways, and other areas around your home that can develop discoloration due to stubborn dirt and grime.

Will Pressure Washing Damage Siding?

While pressure washing can be extremely effective at removing dirt and grime, the pressure that is required can be damaging to some surfaces if care is not taken. When a pressure washing service is tasked with cleaning an exterior that is protected with siding, the system will need to be set on a low setting to avoid water forcing its way between the siding panels. Furthermore, many of these services will utilize special attachments that will be able to avoid spraying water at an angle that could get under the siding panels. This is why homeowners should retain professionals for pressure washing their home's exterior, rather than attempting to do the job themselves.

How Often Should A Home's Exterior Be Pressure Washed?

The frequency at which your home's exterior will benefit from undergoing pressure washing will depend on many factors. For example, homes that are located near bodies of saltwater will be especially prone to damaging exterior salt accumulations due to the water being blown on the home. These homes may need to have the exterior pressure washed every year to remove these accumulations. Conversely, homes without this source of additional accumulation may only need to utilize pressure washing services every few years. This is especially true for homeowners that frequently rinse the exterior of their home with garden hoses, as this can remove dust and other substances before they get stuck to the exterior.

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