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3 Tips For Mulching Your Landscape

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Landscape design is an important part of your home's look and value, but you may not realize a good landscape design consists of more than just a nice lawn. Mulch, for instance, can be a great way to add color and definition to your yard, but it also helps trap in moisture your shrubs, flowers, and trees need to grow and thrive. With these tips, you will know how to add mulch to your landscape design with ease.

Consider the Color

All mulch is not the same, and the color of the mulch you choose can enhance your landscape design. While surprising to learn, mulch is available in a wide variety of colors including different shades of red, brown, and black. The right color will not only look good with your landscaping, but it will also enhance your home's exterior.

Red is a popular choice for people who want a more rustic or unique look since it stands out well against a green lawn and different green plants. Brown is available in a variety of shades, too. Different shades of brown bring out home exteriors that are white, cream, or lighter shades of siding.

If you have a grey or blue exterior, consider a dark brown or black mulch. This mulch works well with the darker siding colors, but it also is a nice contrast against most plants, shrubs, and trees.

Consider the Amount

There is a common misconception that more is better when ordering and installing mulch. In some cases, this may be true, but in others, less can be more.

If you are adding mulch to an area that tends to wash away when it rains, consider using a thicker layer of mulch. Bulk mulch pallets delivery could be a good service to look into. Also, work with landscaper designers to install French drains or erode the lawn so that it will reduce any risk of washing away.

If you need to mulch a flowerbed that does not have any erosion issues, less will actually be more. Just make sure to fill in the landscaping bed, surrounding all flowers, shrubs, and trees with a thick amount of the mulch.

Consider the Timing

Another factor to remember is when to install your mulch. Most people want to freshen up their landscaping in the spring, which is fine, especially if you are adding new plants. However, the fall is also a good time to install mulch.

In the fall, temperatures will start to decrease, affecting your plant's health. A new layer of mulch will help insulate your plants through the fall and winter seasons.