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What To Expect When You Have Asphalt Sealcoating Applied To Your Commercial Property

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Your commercial property may be beautifully landscaped, but if the asphalt driveway and parking area are faded and cracked, your property will look worn out and neglected. Fortunately, you can restore the appearance of the asphalt with sealcoating. Here's what to expect with commercial sealcoating.

You May Need Alternate Parking Arrangements

Cars need to stay off of the area while sealcoating is underway and for a day or two after. The asphalt may be ready for use by the next day, but the weather plays a role in how quickly the sealcoat dries. If you can't have the work done when your office is usually closed, like on a weekend, or if you can't arrange an alternate parking area, then you may need to do the work a portion at a time so your building is still accessible and so part of the parking lot is open for cars. The asphalt paving company you work with will help you plan the logistics of the work so there is as little disruption to your routine as possible.

Prep Work Has To Be Done First

Part of the job of applying sealcoating is to prep the old asphalt. This includes blowing debris off, powerwashing it, getting rid of weeds and debris inside cracks, and repairing cracks and other damaged areas. By prepping the asphalt properly, the sealcoat adheres better and the damaged areas won't show through as much or affect the coating.

The Sealcoating Is Applied

The coating usually goes on quickly. It may be done in thin layers rather than applying a single thick layer. This allows the first layer to sink deep into tiny pits and cracks to help seal them. The top layer is to cover the bottom layer to make the surface more attractive. The coating might be sprayed on or applied manually if your property is small, but there is no need for a paving truck with hot asphalt since sealcoating doesn't involve the use of new asphalt. Instead, it's a thin protective layer that just coats the surface of the asphalt to protect it from the sun, weather, and stains from cars.

Borders And Stripes Are Added

If your parking lot has stripes to designate parking spaces or directional arrows, then those are applied once the sealcoating is dry. The asphalt service will consider the weather and other factors and let you know when it's safe to allow regular traffic on the finished work.

A new sealcoat restores your parking lot and driveway to a rich, black color that's more attractive than old, faded asphalt. However, a sealcoat is about more than just an improvement in appearance. The coating acts like a waterproof barrier that keeps rain from seeping into the asphalt to cause cracking and other problems. The coating also protects against UV damage to the asphalt. Sealcoating eventually wears away due to sun exposure, the weather, and traffic, so you'll want to have new coating applied when the asphalt starts to look faded again. By doing this, you can prolong the life of your driveway and delay the disruption of resurfacing for as long as possible.