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Natural Backyard Flea And Tick Control

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Nobody wants to deal with the annoyance--and potential danger--of fleas and ticks. When outdoors or hiking, it's important to protect yourself by using a bug repellent, tucking pant legs into your socks, avoiding long grass, and doing a thorough tick check when you get back inside. However, it's difficult to take these steps every time you go in your backyard. Instead, use natural flea and tick control that will keep fleas and ticks from entering your yard in the first place. These natural methods are safe for kids and animals who play in the backyard. 

Trim Plants

Ticks like to hide in tall grass, so be sure that grass is always cut short to take away their favorite hiding spots. They also like shady areas, so trim trees back to let more sunlight in, and in shady areas that simply can't be flooded with sunlight, be sure to keep bushes and other plants well trimmed. It's also important to clean up weed piles or other piles of debris where fleas and ticks can hide. 

Repellent Plants

There are plants that fleas and ticks simply don't like and will avoid. Planting a few of these around the perimeter of your property and in areas where you spend a lot of time is another natural method of flea and tick control. Lavender, garlic, sage, lemongrass, and rosemary all will tell fleas and ticks to go away. They'll also make nice additions to your kitchen creations. 

Cedar Chips

Cedar ships repel fleas, ticks, and a lot of other insects, as well. Use cedar chips to mulch your flower beds and use them to create barriers to keep fleas and ticks away. For example, if there's a wooded area against your lawn, create a cedar chip barrier between the trees and your lawn. If there's a place where the dog likes to run or the kids play, make a cedar chip barrier around that area so that ticks won't cross it. 

Beneficial Insects

Purchase nematodes and let them loose in your yard. Nematodes are microscopic worms that eat the eggs and larvae of ticks, fleas and other insects. They are harmless to humans and pets and will help rid your yard of pests in no time. If they're allowed in your neighborhood by city laws, consider raising chickens in your yard. If you let them roam free, they'll eat the insects in your yard and you'll be free of annoying and dangerous pests. And you'll have fresh eggs, too!

If you need help with your tick and flea control, consider contacting a local company like Natural Green Lawn and Pest to help with your pest control needs.