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Things To Know About Soil Aeration

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Lawn care is a topic that can be essential to caring for your landscaping. While homeowners may assume that caring for a lawn will only require them to water and mow it, aerating the ground can also be an important type of maintenance to perform. For homeowners that are not particularly informed about this type of maintenance, it can be worthwhile to learn more.

Understand The Problems Aeration Can Help To Correct

In order to be able to thrive, your lawn will need to be able to develop and spread its root system. This will help the grass to get the nutrients that it requires while also anchoring it to the ground. Unfortunately, it can be possible for the soil to be too compacted to allow for roots to grow. This can severely stunt the development of the grass. When you aerate the soil, plugs of soil will be removed. This may seem like an unusual procedure to do, but removing the soil will help to loosen it so that the roots of the grass can more easily spread through it. It should be noted that the soil will need to be aerated on a fairly regular basis. This is due to the fact that the grass can help to compact the soil over the course of time, and this can prevent new grass from germinating and growing. Due to these benefits, you will want to be sure to aerate the lawn before planting new grass seeds as this will help the grass to rapidly take root.

Leave This Work To Professional Landscaping Services

It may seem as though aerating the ground will be a simple task that any homeowner can do. However, this work will require special tools that can remove plugs of soil from the ground in a uniform manner. If individuals attempt to do this work without these tools, they may cause problems for their grass and soil. For example, they may space these plugs too close together, which can contribute to the topsoil eroding away. Additionally, if this work is done too frequently, it could cause erosion problems. By retaining a professional landscaper for the aeration services, you can minimize the risk of these issues arising as these professionals will have the trained and equipment needed to be able to effectively and safely do his work. Furthermore, this can help you to avoid the need to spend hours doing this labor-intensive maintenance for your lawn.