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3 Crucial Things To Do For Your Yard This Spring

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When spring rolls around, make sure that you are ready to take care of your yard. Spring is the time of year when your lawn needs a little love and care. Taking care of your yard properly in the spring will help ensure that your yard is ready to look great by the time that summer rolls around.

Rake Your Yard

One of the first things you need to do is rake your yard. Raking your yard will help get rid of any leave and debris that have fallen off in the winter time since you last raked your yard when you cleaned up all the leaves last fall.

Raking your yard will achieve another end as well. Raking your yard will help break up the thatching on your yard. Thatching is the layer of debris that is under the grass; thatching is made up of all the clips and old grass from your yard. When the thatching in your yard gets too thick, it is difficult for water to reach your grass, and your yard suffers as a result.

Raking your yard will ensure that all the debris is removed from your yard and that the thatching will not interfere with your yard.

Aerate Your Yard

Your yard needs to have room to breathe in order to thrive. After raking your yard, consider using an aerator tool on your yard. If you don't have an aerator tool, you can easily rent on from a local home improvement or tool rental supply store.

An aerator will help further break up any thatching on your yard. An aerator will also help ensure that the soil is loose around your grass. This will make it easier for water to reach your grass and for your grass to get the proper nutrients that it needs to grow.

Treat for Weeds

One of the best ways to win the battle with the weeds is by treating for weeds before they even show up. As soon as spring rolls around, you should put a weed treatment down on your yard. A weed treatment should help stop some types of weeds from starting to grow in the first place. An early spring weed treatment is the first step in your battle against the weeds this summer.

Ensure a great looking yard this summer by getting out in your yard early this spring and performing these lawn maintenance services. Rake and aerate your yard to ensure that your grass is able to get the water and nutrients it needs. Be sure to treat your yard for weeds before they even show up to prevent weeds from growing in the first place. These are three crucial first steps you need to take to ensure that you end up with a healthy looking yard this summer.