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Three Factors You Should Look For In A Corporate Holiday Decor Rental Company

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If you are looking to decorate your corporate business or office for the holidays, you have two options. You can purchase decor or you can rent the decor. Renting decor has a lower upfront cost and allows you to change up your decorations from year to year. If you are looking to rent corporate holiday decor, here are three factors you should consider when you are selecting a company to rent from. 

If They Deliver and Set the Decorations Up

One of the first questions you will want to ask a company who rents out corporate holiday decor is whether they deliver and/or set up the decorations. Corporate decorations can be large and tedious to set up. If you don't have experience doing this, you may not know how to put together a Christmas tree that comes in different section or how to hang large strings of garland from your ceiling. When possible, look for a company that sets up the decor for you so you can enjoy all of the cheer without any of the work. 

When They Are Available to Set Up and Remove the Decor

Another key question to ask a company that rents out corporate holiday decor is when they are available to set up and remove the decor. Some companies book set up and take down services months in advance. If you wait too long, you may only be able to get your decorations put up really early and taken down really late. If you don't want your decorations to be up obnoxiously early or late, always look for a company that still has availability for reasonable set up and take down dates. 

If Their Past Work Appeals to You

The last factor you want to consider when you are looking to rent corporate holiday decor is whether the decorations and their past work appeal to you. Always ask for pictures of what types of decorations they have available and for a portfolio of the decorating they have done for other clients. Everyone has different taste. One company may carry modern Christmas decorations, while another may carry classic ones. Always consider this factor to ensure you like the decorations they carry and the design style for the decorating tasks they have completed in the past. 

Adding holiday decor to your corporate building can make it more festive. This is appealing to both employees, tenants and customers who enter the building. Paying attention to these factors will help you select a holiday decor company who offers the holiday decor to make your space festive and bright. Contact a company, like Environmental Designs, for more help.