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5 Tips For Mowing Your Lawn

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Mowing the lawn may seem like the most straightforward of tasks. You fire up the lawnmower and go for it. Well, that action does result in a mowed lawn. However, how you mow can spell the difference between a good and a great lawn — or one that's just meh. If you mow correctly, you can maintain your lawn so it's healthy and thick enough to prevent weeds from taking root.

Keep your Equipment in Good Condition

Just like you prepare your car for the changing of the seasons, you should prepare your mower for the growing seasons. Sharpen your blades at the beginning of the mowing season. Likewise, clean and oil all parts of your lawn mower. Finally, when you go to mow your lawn, top off the gas tank so you don't run out of fuel in the middle of your task.

Wait for the Grass to Dry

Another method for facilitating an easy mowing experience is to wait until the grass is dry. If the ground is wet enough, you could create ruts with the wheels. However, even if it's just the grass that's wet, your mowing experience won't go as smoothly as it can. Wet grass clumps together, which results in an uneven cut. Likewise, the wet clumps of grass can clog your mower.

Remove any Debris

Before you get ready to mow, use a rake to remove any debris. If non-grass items are still on the lawn, they can dull the mower blades. Even more importantly, they might get caught in the blades and fly out of the discharge chute. This situation is a danger to you or to passersby.

Adjust the Blades to the Correct Height

Many homeowners cut their lawn too short, which can stress out the grass. The proper height of your grass depends on the species. According to Today's Homeowner, though, warm-season grasses can be cut shorter than cool-season grasses. The site also recommends cutting grass at the tall range when there hasn't been much rain.

Don't Rush the Job

Most homeowners don't relish the job of mowing. However, you can waste your time if you mow too quickly. Most likely you'll shear unevenly and may even leave behind tall spots. Either you'll have to mow again, or you'll be stuck with a patchy lawn. Likewise, when you move the mower too fast, the clippings don't get mulched back into the lawn as effectively. Finally, look straight ahead as you mow — you're more likely to mow straight than if you look down.

Produce a beautiful, well-manicured lawn by following the above mowing tips.