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3 Irrigation Tips To Keep Your Landscaping Green All Year

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If you want to have green landscaping all year, there are few things that are as important as proper watering. Irrigation systems help ensure your lawn gets the right amount of water to keep grass green and plants healthy. There are several types of irrigation systems that you may want to consider, such as drip irrigation, conventional sprinklers and even grey water irrigation. Here are a few tips that will help ensure your landscaping stays green all year:

1. Drip Irrigation Systems for Areas Where Sprinklers Are Inefficient

Drip irrigation systems are a great solution for watering your landscaping. Unlike conventional sprinklers, drip irrigation systems will use a minimal amount of water. The drip systems water plants at the roots and do not waste water by spraying where it is not needed. Modern drip irrigation systems can also be connected to conventional sprinkler controllers with manifolds, which will allow you to program them just like the rest of your irrigation system.

2. Sprinklers to Keep Your Lawn Green Using Less Water

You will still want to use some type of sprinkler system for areas like lawns or where you have ground cover that needs a lot of watering. Consider some of the efficient improvements that can be done for the sprinkler system, such as installing network connected weather station, and programable controls. In addition, you may want to consider using sprinkler heads that use less water. There are also other alternatives that you may want to talk with a sprinkler service about, such as installing soaker hoses beneath a newly sodded lawn or using synthetic turf that only requires a minimal amount of watering during the summer.

3. Grey Water Recycling for Irrigation Without Excessive Water Consumption

Grey water recycling is another great improvement that can reduce water consumption of your irrigation system. All the water from appliances can be used to directly water gardens and plants, which has other benefits, such as reduced stress to septic systems. You may also want to consider improvements like rain collection systems, which can be used for many different water needs around your home.

These are some tips that will help ensure your landscaping gets the water it needs with the right irrigation solutions. If you need help with the installation of sprinklers and other irrigation solutions, contact a landscaping company like Boehm Landscape Inc and talk with them about some of these ideas for a greener lawn.