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4 Signs You Need To Remove A Tree

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Your yard's trees are a huge part of its landscape and provide a great natural addition to the exterior of your home. However, as living plants, trees are susceptible to certain kinds of damage and infestation that can turn them into a hazard for your home, yard, or even other plants. Understanding the warning signs of a tree that has reached the end of its lifespan, or that now poses a threat to your yard, can help you have that tree removed before it becomes a serious issue.


One of the clearest signs that it's time to have a tree cut down is if it is leaning to one side significantly, especially if it is causing the soil around the base of the trunk to lift upwards. This usually points to an uneven distribution of weight in the branches, or damage to the roots themselves, which can make a collapse extremely likely.

Fallen Branches

Any sort of fallen branches can point to all sorts of problems with your tree, but if you find that you have to clear out large amounts of branches from your home's yard or roof, it may be worth it to cut down the tree for simple safety reasons. In an intense storm, larger branches can fall onto your home or into your yard, which can be a serious hazard.

Multiple Trunks

A tree that overhangs your yard with a split trunk (i.e. there is a fork or a point where multiple large branches meet in the tree) can pose a hazard, since the point where the branches meet is a weak point in the tree. You may want to have these trees trimmed back regularly, because if a single branch gets too large and heavy, it can cause a crack to develop at the fork and can fall suddenly. If you notice such a crack, call an arborist immediately to have your tree inspected and trimmed or cut down.

Discoloration and Worn Bark

Trees are susceptible to more diseases and pest infestations than is possible to list, all of which have a different set of symptoms. However, keep an eye on the leaves and bark of your tree. Damage to the bark and fading colors or shriveling of the leaves can all point to some sort of disease or infestation. Contacting an arborist at the first sign of illness in a tree can help you contain it before it spreads to other trees and can help you determine if the disease can be cured or if the entire tree will have to be cut down.

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