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Consider Having Steps Built In These Areas Of Your Yard

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One of the many valuable services that your local landscaping company can provide is the construction of steps in an area of your yard in which they're needed. Whether you have an old set of steps that is a crumbling eyesore or your yard is sloped and difficult to navigate, a set of new steps will boost the functionality, curb appeal, and even the value of your property. Talk to a few landscaping services and ask about past step-building projects to assess the best professional for your project, and then consider having steps built in these areas of your yard:

Leading Up From The Driveway

If your house is several feet above the driveway, you may just have a sloped lawn or a series of concrete pavers leading from the driveway up toward the front door. This setup probably isn't doing much for the yard visually, but a new set of steps certainly will. Made of bricks, pavers, or other materials, a set of steps from the driveway to your front door can make it easy and enjoyable to navigate this part of your yard. You can go with a straight set or, if the slope is significant, consider a curved set so that the ascent isn't as steep.

Going Down To The Water

If you're fortunate enough to live on waterfront property, there may be a drop down from the main part of your backyard to the water. This is another part of your yard for which steps will be handy. Whether you're carrying a tray of refreshments down to the dock for your family to enjoy or you're lugging boating equipment toward the water, steps are easier to navigate than a sloped lawn, especially if the grass is wet. Although the landscaping service could build these steps out of any material, wood can be visually appealing for this location.

Running Toward The Back Of The Home

A house with a walk-out basement will generally have a sloped yard, which means that you might like the idea of a set of steps running along one side of the house from the front to the rear. These steps will be gradual in most cases, and can be made of a variety of different materials. One way to have this landscaping job done in a cost-effective manner is for the landscaper to use wooden beams as a support structure and stone dust to fill the gaps between the beams.

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