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The Middle Of Nowhere--4 Tips For Giving Structure To A Rural Property's Landscape

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Living on a rural lot can make it hard to give your yard the kind of definition that city lots have. Rural property can be vague and ill-defined, and it may suffer from unusual terrain challenges. If you face this difficulty, here are 4 ways to give your yard some needed structure:

Build Upward

Use visual "walls" of landscaping to define the outside edges of your yard. You could build up a berm with extra soil, then plant it with tall grasses, boulders, and colorful plants. A row of evergreen trees--such as quick-growing cypress or arborvitae--can create a beautiful, living wall that encloses your yard. Terraces and multi-level decks also help create visual borders that make everything seem a little less daunting.

Add Outdoor Rooms

Creating defined spaces within the yard helps give it a skeleton and specific purpose. Start with outdoor entertainment spaces like a kitchen, a dining room, or a conversation lounge with fire pit. Give these rooms a specific set of borders like an actual room--including defined entrances and "walls" made from garden beds, low walls, or trees--and give them each their own personality. You can even add "rooms" in your landscaping by planting trees or bushes in clusters with an empty center.

Use Pathways

Walkways around the yard help encourage the use of the whole area while also defining where people should be. You could design a gently curving or straight (depending on your yard's style) walkway that follows along the outside perimeter of your yard. Place attractive plants and bushes along the path--either on one side to create a definite yard border or on two sides for more beauty. Other walkways can serve as additional "bones" for your yard to ground it visually.

Keep it Linear

Optical illusions and tricks can help tame the look of a big yard. For example, lines naturally draw people's eyes in the direction you want them to look. You could use this by placing a straight walkway down the center of your yard or planting a straight, lush lawn. Line the yard's sides with taller landscaping to help direct attention to the center. Add a focal point--like a gazebo, water feature, or patio--at the end (or in the center) to create a visual "payoff".

Defining and giving structure to a big yard that lacks good borders can be a challenge, but any of these easy tips could help you turn it into the yard of your dreams. Contact a company like A Greener Season Landscaping for more information and assistance.