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Three Steps For Setting Up An Herb Garden In Your Cityscape

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Growing food in your yard is a great way to supplement your good diet no matter where you are located. Though some may be convinced that living in the city means that you give up the ability to have a garden, you can grow fruits in the suburbs and in the city. Here are a few ways to set up your herbal garden on the patio or in your microscopic balcony in the city. 

Find fruit bushes and trees that remain small

Growing food out on a patio is easier than you may think, although the plant does have to remain small. To keep things in the correct perspective, find bushes and trees that do not tend to grow tall. This ensures that you are able to keep the particular fruits on your patio and that they never grow taller than the patio ceiling. Fruits such as blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and clementine trees are small and can flourish while potted. If you want to allow your bushes to grow as they would in the wild, get planters that are long and rectangular to support the growth of a wide bush. 

Engineer staggered storage

If you wish to keep a little bit of walking room on your balcony, you may want to build shelving units to hold some of your bushes. If you want to build shelving units, you should stay away from wood, as the wood will swell and rot when exposed to too much water and runoff from the plants. Stick to plastic shelving if you want the shelves to stand up long term. Shelving that has holes is best as the water will be able to run out rather than stand and cause the shelves to become too weighted. Stagger the shelves so that each bush can get sunlight without being hidden or disturbed. 

Grow peppermint around 

When growing food in the country, it would be acceptable to spray pesticides when necessary. Since you will have other people and pets in close proximity, you will need to stay away from anything that is too toxic. If you would still like to use agrichemicals on your plants, talk with a company like Bio Feed for more information. If you aren't using chemicals, grow peppermint in the perimeter of the balcony in order to keep away insects and rodents. The strong smell will discourage any insects and rodents from coming and eating any of your fruits. Keeping insects off of the fruit without spraying any pesticides will help to keep your food in perfect organic condition.