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Why Hydroseeding A Lawn Is A Great Choice

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Need to grow grass on your yard? Hydroseeding can be a viable alternative to traditional grass seed and sod. It combines mulch, fertilizer, water, and the seeds into a slurry that is forced into the soil. If your lawn is quite large and you need to add more grass seed to it, hydroseeding is something you should look into for these reasons.


The coverage of grass from hydroseeding will be uniform and thick because of the technique used to force the seeds into the ground. The problem with hand seeding is that it could leave some areas of your lawn looking sparse, and using sod has the noticeable seems in the grass which take a while to go away.

Hydroseeding also provides better coverage in places that will be difficult to use traditional seeding methods. For instance, slops can be very difficult to seed because the water will cause the grass seeds to wash away before they are able to germinate. Hydroseeding will force those seeds into the ground, which eliminate issues that are a problem with traditional seeding, such as erosion, wind, rain, and even animals eating the seeds.

Grass Quality

Forcing the seeds deep into the soil with hydroseeding will allow the grass seed to grow far below the surface. You cannot replicate this with sod since there is only a thin layer of soil that the roots have grown in before the sod was lifted from the ground.

Hand seeding creates a different problem since many grass seeds don't grow far beneath the surface. This is why you will often see how quality grass when using hydroseeding methods.

Fast Growth

Sod does provide instant gratification as soon as it is installed, but know that hydroseeding still provides fast growth compared to traditional hand seeding. Expect the grass to grow in after only 5 to 7 days with hydroseeding. In comparison, traditional seeding can take up to 30 days.

Affordable Installation

The cost of hydroseeding is more affordable than you may have thought. It will cost around $.50 to $1.00 for each square foot of soil that gets hydroseeding. The cost of sod can be much more, with it costing between $1.52 and $2.91 for every square foot.

Now that you know more about what hydroseeding is and all of its benefits, consider using this method next time you have a need to grow more grass on your lawn.