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Landscaping Tips For Dog Owners

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Maintaining a well-manicured landscape while owning a dog can seem difficult at times. Dogs and landscape features don't always get along, but there are some simple changes you can make to your home's landscape design in order to promote harmony between your home's exterior and your canine friend.

Here are three simple landscaping tips that you, as a dog owner, can take advantage of to improve your home's exterior aesthetic in the future.

1. Incorporate patrol paths into your landscape design.

Dogs are often territorial by nature, and they patrol certain areas within your landscape in an attempt to protect your home from perceived threats. When a dog patrols heavily in certain areas over time, any shrubs or grasses growing in these areas can die out.

In order to ensure that your dog can patrol along his usual routes without compromising the health of your home's landscape, incorporate designated paths into your landscape design.

By adding paving stones or carving out a gravel pathway in areas where your dog frequently patrols you can eliminate the unsightly wearing out of grass and shrubs in these areas.

2. Rely on dog-friendly flowers.

Planting flowers throughout your home's landscape can be a simple and effective way to add color and interest to your property. Unfortunately, some flowers can be dangerous to your dog's health.

To ensure that your beloved pet doesn't accidentally ingest toxic foliage while spending time in your yard, rely only on dog-friendly flowers for your garden. Eliminate daffodils, lilies, and azaleas from your yard, as these flowers have the potential to make your dog sick. Plant some colorful tulips, pansies, and marigolds to safely add color to your landscape instead.

3. Create a designated digging pit.

Some dogs have a tendency to dig up flower beds and lawns when they become bored while spending time outdoors. If your dog's digging habits are wreaking havoc on your home's landscape design, then you should consider adding a designated digging pit to keep your dog's digging contained.

A pit filled with sand or dog-friendly mulch can provide your dog with hours of entertainment. Bury some treats or toys in the sand or mulch, and watch as your dog learns to keep his or her digging within the designated pit instead of strewn throughout your landscape.

Altering your home's landscape to accommodate the needs of your dog will help you keep your home's exterior looking aesthetically pleasing well into the future. For more information on how to landscape your yard to make it ideal for dogs contact a landscape company, such as ProTurf.