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What Is Involved In A Land Assessment And Feasability Study?

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If you have purchased a plot of land to build a home or commercial building on, you will need to have a landscape assessment and feasibility study done. This process is typically performed by civil or land engineer and landscape architecture firms. If you have never had one of these studies done before, you may be unsure of what is involved in the study and what it consists of. Here are a few of the things that are done and determined when a land assessment and feasibility study are done.

Determining Where the Land Boundaries Are

Most people who sell plots of land do not usually have fences up or other items that help you see where the property or boundary lines begin or end on a plot of land that you are considering buying. A civil engineer conducting one of these studies will plot out exactly what the property lines are for the parcel you are considering buying, typically using small flags or string to allow you to see where the property lines are.

Figuring Out If Your Dream Can Become a Reality on the Land

Another key thing that is done during a land assessment and feasibility study is determining if the land can be used for the project you have in mind. You may not be able to build the home of your dreams onto the land that you are looking at because of erosion concerns or construct a commercial building because the soil quality cannot support the foundation size and weight for the size and type of building. It is strongly recommended that you obtain a land assessment and feasibility study before you purchase any plot of land for these reasons. It helps ensure the land will meet your needs for what you want to do with space. Think of it like getting a home inspection before buying a home.

Filing the Study to Obtain Permits

If you proceed with the purchase of the land, a land assessment and feasibility study crew can file their findings with the local building permit office to help you obtain the building permits you need to begin construction on your project. This can help you get your project started as quickly as possible after purchasing land, ensuring it does not sit empty or unused for a prolonged period of time.

If you are unable to find a home, building or warehouse that fits your needs, you may consider purchasing land and building your own. If you are, you will want to hire a civil or land engineer like Down Cape Engineering Inc to conduct a land assessment and feasibility study. Learning what is involved in it will help you to better understand why this is important.