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Want To Bring Your Pet Bunny Outside For Playtime? 3 Changes To Make To Your Yard

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Letting your bunny play on the grass in your yard can be a great way to expose them to some fresh air and ensure that they get some exercise, but you do need to take some precautions if you want to be sure that your pet bunny is safe outside. While you always need to supervise your bunny when they're outside, you'll want to look into additional things that you can do to make your yard as safe as possible. With the list of the following changes to make, you can hire a professional and ensure that your yard is safe for your bunny to play outside in.

Make Sure Any Poisonous Plants Are Removed

When your bunny is hopping around your yard, you need to take special care to ensure that there are no plants they might nibble on that could harm them. Poisonous plants can be difficult for you to spot, making it a good idea to invite a landscape professional to check out your yard and take care of any plants that should be removed. Having a nice grass lawn free of poisonous plants and weeds alike can ensure that your yard is much safer for your bunny.

Along with being free of these plants, you can also rely on natural pesticides that won't be harmful for your bunny and keep weeds away in the future.

Get Some Short and Secure Fencing Installed

Since you likely don't want to supervise your bunny as they hop around the entire yard, it's a good idea for you to look into getting additional fencing put in. With shorter fencing that your bunny can't hop out of and taking up some space in your yard, you can feel good knowing that your bunny has some free roam of the yard and it will be easy for you to keep them out of trouble.

Plant Some Trees to Provide More Shade

While you want your bunny to have exposure to some sunlight in order to feel warm and comfortable outside, you also want to make sure they don't get too hot. Your bunny can easily overheat when they're exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged period, leading to potential health issues. Getting some trees planted in your yard can provide some shade so that your bunny can be much more comfortable and that you won't need to worry about the heat being too much.

As you look into making changes to your yard for your pet bunny, consider getting the help of a landscaper such as Colourscape Inc so they can make your ideas a reality.