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Incorporating Decorative Stone Into Your Landscape Design

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If you just purchased a home of your own, and you feel your property is rather plain and in need of a pick-me-up, you are most likely considering different landscaping options to improve the overall appearance of your land. Using decorative stones as part of your landscape design will instantly give your property a burst of color as well as help with drainage. Here are some ideas to consider if you are interested in adding stones to your outdoor aesthetics.

Contrast Colorful Plants In Containers

If you enjoy bright blooms of color, but your soil is not the best for growing conditions, think about planting flowers inside containers and surrounding them with stones. Containers can be filled with potting soil and then placed in an area of the yard where they can get light and water. Decorative stones can then be positioned around the bases of the containers. Consider using a contrasting color of stone from the colors of the containers for a vibrant statement sure to look pleasing.

Use Rocks Instead Of Mulch

Many people use mulch to decorate areas around trees, flowers, and shrubbery. Using decorative stone instead of mulch will allow you to keep your decoration in place for many years, unlike mulch which needs to be replaced yearly. The appearance of the areas where you place stones will instantly improve the appearance of your land and will make the foliage you surround with them stand out to those viewing the area. Stones will also help in keeping weeds from growing as they cover the soil so sunlight cannot penetrate it.

Place Rocks To Use As A Walkway

Instead of using slabs of slate or brick to use as a walkway medium, place decorative stones on the property instead. Since stones can be placed in any type of pattern, curved pathways can be made with ease. Those viewing the yard will be interested in following a unique stone pathway to see where it leads.

Use Stones As Your Front Patio Area

Placing several decorative, colored stones leading up to your entryway is a great way to keep mud from getting inside of your home. Many people use this type of decoration when they have a home where shade is abundant, making it difficult for grass to grow as a result. Larger stones can be positioned from the curb to the front door to use as a walkway. Smaller stones can fill in the gaps between the larger ones for a polished appearance.