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4 Great Vegetables To Plant Early This Spring

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If you want to grow vegetables in a garden this year, you are going to have to pace when you plant your vegetables in order to ensure that they grow. Here are four different vegetables that you can plant early this spring in order to get a start on your garden. You can pick up starts or seeds of these vegetables at your local nursery.

#1 Snow Peas

Snow peas are great to plant in the spring because they can take up to two months to reach maturity depending on the specific variety that you plant. Planting your peas in early spring gives you an chance to enjoy this vegetable sooner.

Peas are a vegetable that are generally grown from seeds. You are going to want to take the seeds that you want to plant and soak them in water, generally overnight works best. This will help soften up the seed and make it easier for them to germinate.

Once the peas start growing above ground and get a little height on them, you are going to want to use some string and poles to guide the growth of your peas.

#2 Kale

Kale is another vegetable that is really easy to grow from seeds. It generally takes a month and a half to two months for kale to start yielding leaves that you can eat, so planting it in early spring will mean you can start enjoying kale in late spring/ early summer.

Kale that you grow in both early spring and early fall tends to have a slightly softer texture. All you need to do is plant the seeds in the designated area.

#3 Radishes

Another easy vegetable to grow is the radish. They come in a variety of different colors and sizes, ranging from red to white or pink. Be sure to check the description of the variety that you purchase if you are looking for a certain color or sweetness profile. Some types of radishes are more sweet and others are spicier.

You can grow your radishes in the same area of your garden as your kale and other leafy greens. They grow well around these types of vegetables.

#4 Lettuce

Lettuce is another early vegetable to start, and it reaches maturity quickly, so you should be able to enjoy lettuce in your salad before the rest of your vegetables reach maturity.

To get the most variety, make sure that you purchase a mixed seeds or starts from your local nursery. This will allow you to enjoy multiple types of lettuce, such as butter head lettuce, red and green leaf lettuce as well as green romaine lettuce.

If you want to get an early start to your garden, head down to your local nursery to purchase seeds or starts of lettuce, radishes, kale and peas. Be sure to also purchase some slow releasing fertilizer to add to the ground when you plant these early spring vegetables. To integrate your garden into your existing landscape, contact a landscape designer.