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Different Solutions to Correct Problems with Cracked Concrete & a Settling Building

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The foundation of your building is probably settling in the soil it was built on, unless you have solid bedrock close to the surface of the soil. In most cases, settling happens gradually and will not cause too much of a problem. Sometimes, cracks may develop in concrete, brick and other structural elements of your building. The cracks may be cosmetic, or they may be more serious and lead to structural problems that need to be repaired. Here are some different solutions that will help repair foundation cracks and structural damage of your building:

Poor Soil Conditions and Settling Footings Causing Cracks

Soil conditions cause houses to settle when they are soft, such as in sand or sediments from wetlands or rivers. As the house settles, different points of the foundation can sink at varying depths; causing cracks in the foundation. To solve this problem, pier systems can be installed beneath load points that are driven to a depth to provide solid support. Another option is to use tension concrete systems that make the foundation a unified structure that settles at an even rate.

Soil Erosion That Causes Cracks from Uneven Settling Problems 

Erosion of soil causes a lot of damage to buildings, and may lead to cracks in the foundation. As the soil beneath your building gets washed away, the structural load is not supported and sinks. To solve this problem, you will first need to correct the issue that is causing the soil to erode. The eroded soil can be replaced with a concrete grouting system and piers that provide support to solid bedrock or soil that can support the structural load without risk of erosion.

Static Water Pressure Problems Causing Cracking in Foundation Walls

Ground water that drains near the foundation of your building causes static pressure to buildup; eventually leading to cracks and damage to the foundation. Static pressure can be reduced by doing improvements to the drainage around your building. In addition, consider systems for foundation waterproofing that help to reduce water pressure. Modern layered membrane systems have a design that will protect your building from water pressure, as well as last longer than conventional sealant solutions for waterproofing.

Cracked concrete and masonry is often more than just an eyesore; sometimes these problems are serious structural issues that call for repairs. Contact a concrete contractor like Elizalde Construction to make sure your building does not have these types of structural problems.